Story and Project Marketing/Placement

With decades-long relationships with hundreds of regional reporters, clients can consult with us or go directly to a journalist in our exclusive story-pitch pipeline.

Writing, Editing, Research

The staff at TJC Consulting passionately work with award-winning authors, reporters, companies, producers and government agencies — from the first edit to the final polish. Our goal is to bring a message, structure and writing style that attracts readers like a magnet.

Crisis Management Media Liaison and Consultant Services

We know how quickly 24-hour newsrooms and social media can put your simple headache into the proverbial fan. Founder Tom Colbert has conducted 17 years of emergency management classes at the world-renowned California Specialized Training Institute. But he also has a database of experts that are geared for any circumstance. Available 24/365.

Seminars and Public Speaking

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